"An initiative to make the Parliament more accessible and responsive to citizens."

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Ideas Conclave

The Parliament has a Committee of Petitions, to which any citizen of the country can file a petition. Filing a petition is as simple as writing a letter or Postcard addressed to the Petitions Committee. However, not many people are aware of it and even if they are, not many are willing to take up the pain of writing a petition and then filing it to the Committee. Therefore there is scope for improving the system further, by making the process easier and faster.

Conclave on Electoral Reforms

This forum has been conceptualized to engage citizens, eminent public servants from the Election Commission of India and the civil society to converge on a common platform to holistically analyse the needs and counter arguments on the feasibility of holding Simultaneous Elections in India.


Siddharth Sinha

Siddharth Sinha is the Founder and Chairman of Uddeshya. He is pursuing his Masters in Public Administration at the London School of Economics.

Prateek Sibal

Prateek Sibal is pursuing his Masters in Public Policy at Sciences Po, Paris as a Charpak Scholar.
He worked with Members of the Parliament as a LAMP fellow in 2015-2016.

Kunal S. Joshi

Kunal is a Legislative Policy Analyst and a works with the members of the Indian Parliament as a LAMP Fellow. He is the National Executive Director of Uddeshya India and the Founder and Managing Director of Envision India Skill Foundation.

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Kunal Joshi

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